Meditation is a universal practice whose origins go back thousands of years, and which has survived unaltered by being passed down from generation to generation.

A child meditating


Free yourself from negative ruminations

Most thoughts are, of course, useful and necessary to deal with the practical problems of everyday life.

The aim of meditation is to free us from the negative ruminations that prevent us from moving forward.

This practice teaches us that there is a power within each one of us, a peace and wisdom to which we can connect once we have understood its presence. This power inspires, strengthens and gives courage to those who wish to grow in a positive direction.

There are many meditative practices, but the one I invite you to come and practise is based on mindfulness

I offer group sessions on Friday evenings from 7pm to 8.30pm at Studio7 in Hésingue.

The sessions consist of a guided practice, followed by a Kinhin (a walking exercise practised between Zazen sessions) and ending with a free meditation, where everyone comes face to face with themselves.

Future dates are available on request.

All levels are welcome.


What are the benefits ?

 Increases the occurrence of positive feelings

Reduces symptoms of chronic pain

Improves concentration and attention span

Improves memory and is thought to limit the effects of age on the brain

Reduces stress and anxiety and the risk of recurrence of depression

Prevents cardiovascular disorders

Reduces the severity of symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder

Improves the immune system…


Gros plan sur le bas du corps d'une femme entrain de méditer


Retreats and Workshops

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