Yoga and Ayurveda Retreat at the “Clos de la Louve” (Jura)

30 Nov 2023


And here is the new YOGA & AYURVEDA RETREAT coming up at the start of 2024!

From Thursday 21 to Sunday 24 March 2024, I’ll be joining Rita Grant and you at the magnificent “CLOS DE LA LOUVE” ecolieu in the Jura for a new Yoga and Ayurveda retreat.

Our themes :

Everyday secrets

Vinyasa yoga

Ayurvedic treatment

Reconnecting with what’s essential

Rita, a yoga teacher originally from Ireland, will be your guide during this stay. Passionate and experienced, she will help you enrich your practice with a warm and individual approach. Rita is renowned for her ability to adapt to individual needs, ensuring that the yoga experience is accessible to all.

She will offer you two practices a day.

Through this retreat, we hope to provide you with the principles and basics of Ayurveda that you can apply in your everyday life.

Through consultation and massage, I’ll help you feel the benefits of this ancient practice through your body.

A treatment is included in the retreat.

une personne se fait masser
A nive table with food

By offering an entirely vegetarian and local cuisine, we celebrate tasty and balanced dishes, concocted with passion from local ingredients.

By sharing these meals, we cultivate not only our physical well-being, but also our awareness of the impact our food choices can have on the environment.

We pay particular attention to food allergies and special diets.

Workshops on Ayurveda and its daily applications and on eco-responsibility will also be offered during this retreat.

Don’t hesitate to ask for the full brochure!

Come and Join us to finally take some time to reconnect and recharge your batteries in the beginning of a new season !